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Meet Our Wedding Wizards

Introduction: Welcome to the heart of “Because Wedding,” where dreams are woven into reality! Our team, a blend of seasoned wedding planners, creative designers, and travel enthusiasts, is dedicated to crafting your perfect destination wedding. Each member brings a unique flair, ensuring your special day is as unique as your love story.

Individual Profiles:

Evelyn Carter – Founder & Lead Planner With over a decade in the wedding industry, Evelyn’s expertise lies in transforming visions into breathtaking realities. Her passion for travel and love for romance have taken her across the globe, curating weddings that speak volumes of each couple’s unique journey. Fun Fact: Evelyn can name every type of flower just by its scent!

Liam Brooks – Culinary Curator Liam, our go-to gourmet guru, ensures that every wedding feast is a journey of flavors. His extensive experience with international cuisines brings a taste of the world to your wedding table. Fun Fact: Liam once cooked a five-course meal using only a campfire during a power outage!

Sophia Nguyen – Design Maestro Sophia’s eye for elegance and detail turns ordinary spaces into magical settings. Her designs reflect a blend of contemporary trends and timeless styles, creating the perfect backdrop for your “I do.” Fun Fact: Sophia collects vintage wedding magazines for inspiration!

Mason Wright – Logistics Wizard Mason’s knack for organization and coordination makes him the backbone of our operations. He ensures that every aspect of the wedding, from guest accommodations to the last dance, runs seamlessly. Fun Fact: Mason has a secret talent for salsa dancing!

Isabella Garcia – Romance Consultant Isabella’s role is all about personalization. She works closely with couples, weaving their love story into every element of the wedding. Her warmth and intuition make her a favorite among clients. Fun Fact: Isabella writes poetry and often includes custom verses in wedding decor!

Team Philosophy: At “Because Wedding,” we believe that every couple’s story is unique, and their wedding should be a reflection of that. Our team works in harmony, combining our diverse skills to create weddings that are not just events, but lifelong memories. We’re more than just planners; we’re storytellers, dream creators, and your partners in celebrating love.

Join Our Journey: Your dream wedding starts with a conversation. Let’s begin crafting your unforgettable day.